Bernie Sanders To Democrats: Challenge Trump, But Don't Obstruct Him

Sanders was asked a variety of questions, including from a student at George Washington University who noted that Sanders has called the president-elect a pathological liar and asked, "in an effort to inspire a cohesive front", if Sanders could name Trump's "strongest attribute". When Cuomo asked if that would take the same shape as the GOP's opposition to Obama, Sanders replied, "I hope not".

This is not the first time that Sanders has been asked about the far future when he might defeat Trump soundly and take back Democracy, and it likely won't be the last.

Bernie Sanders said Senate Democratic leaders discussed Monday whether the party would flatly oppose any nominee President-elect Donald Trump selects for the Supreme Court, just as Republicans did previous year to President Barack Obama's choice of Merrick Garland.

"But I will tell you this", Sanders added. "So I give Donald Trump his due".

"That is an extraordinary accomplishment". He added, "I have many conservative friends, and I disagree with them".

"Either Donald Trump lied to the American people", Sanders told his colleagues, "or he's got to say that he will veto any cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security".

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When Barack Obama was elected president, the Republican Party pursued a strategy of relentless obstruction, opposing most things the new president proposed, regardless of merit.

Sanders admitted Monday that Obamacare had problems but said he would do his best to stop Republicans until they come up with a viable alternative.

"We damn well aren't going to see it repealed and have no replacement there at all", he said. Sanders lost a close and contentious Democratic Primary that turned out to be basically rigged for Clinton as Wikileaks would exploit.

"It is much too early to talk about that", said Sanders, who will be 79 years old by then.

"What we have got to worry about is how we deal with the issues that impact us today", he said.