French police nab suspects in Kim Kardashian jewellery robbery

French police arrested16 people in connection with the armed robbery of Kim Kardashian West in a luxury Paris apartment, an official said Monday.

CNN reports that 17 arrests have been made in the case surrounding Kim Kardashian's gunpoint robbery that occurred during Paris Fashion Week.

The reality star filed a formal complaint in France after she was captured on video at the apartment where the robbery took place. They took the key to where Kardashian West was staying and ran around the building trying to find the correct apartment. Reports state that, after a three month investigation, the suspected culprits were detained following some early morning raids all over France. The suspects can be held for up to 96 hours before police must either charge them or let them go.

Some of the suspects were allegedly known to authorities, and one of the individuals arrested is 60-years-old.

It comes just days after the reality TV star and socialite - married to rap megastar Kanye West - spoke for the first time of her fears she was going to die in the October robbery. Two of the suspects were diamond dealers, but it is unknown whether cops will be able to recover the reported $10 million of diamonds snatched from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

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She told her sisters Khloe and Kourtney she thought "they're going to shoot me in the back".

The police source said a jewellery box had been taken containing a ring worth €4m (£3.5m), as well as other valuables worth between €5m and €6m (£4.4m - £5.2m).

'It makes me so upset to think about it'.

A month after the Kardashian robbery, two Qatari women were held up on a motorway outside Paris and robbed of valuables worth more than five million euros.