Inside the Duchess of Cambridge's 35th birthday celebrations today

The Duchess of Cambridge turns 35 on January 9 and she looks as radiant as ever! However, nobody is flawless (fortunately the way), and Kate Middleton, who was concerned for the Queen Elizabeth II's state of health, some shameful secrets.

It was all documented on the Kensington Palace Instagram, but wouldn't it be preferable to see her own personal photos?

So basically, Kate carries a clutch to avoid shaking hands with those she would rather not shake hands with. While the Queen normally spends her holidays here, this has been a quiet haven where Prince William and Kate have been able to raise their children. Followers of Prince William's wife have also noticed that Clarence House's official Twitter account did not acknowledge the Duchess' special day, unlike a year ago. Take a look at the 14 reasons we love the duchess. What do you think of the Duke and Duchess's Christmas card?

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Prince Harry also attended Wetherby before both William and Harry departed for Ludgrove and later attended Eton. According to a royal statement, the Queen's cold has subsided and she is doing "better" now. Prince William and Harry also grew up here with Prince Charles and Diana, and Prince Harry made a decision to move back to Kensington Palace in 2012 and gave up Clarence House.

And the concentration and focus on little Prince George's face is EVERYTHING! The business, in fact has royal-themed paraphernalia but is Kate Middleton happy with this? The Prince of Wales wants a slimmed-down monarchy and that will also have an effect in terms of the number of duties carried out by each of the core members. "The impact of the Heads Together mental health campaign, in particular, is making them want to be more active on the issues they care most about".

At the Anna Freud center, Middleton and husband Prince William spoke with a group of mothers who participated in a support program at the facility and also visited with a group of young children.