Ivanka Trump Confirms She's Leaving the Trump Organization and Her Fashion Label

Kushner is married to Trump's older daughter Ivanka Trump and was expected not to take a salary for the post (as communicated by Trump in an official statement), New York Times reported. Here's what will happen to those businesses as he moves into the White House. But ethics experts have raised questions about whether Kushner's role in the new administration will run up against a federal anti-nepotism law and about how he will separate himself from his real estate business to avoid conflicts of interest.

Attorney Sheri Dillon, who advised Trump on relinquishing his role in an array of Trump Organization companies, described Ivanka's new role at a press conference Wednesday.

In a Facebook post on her personal page, the entrepreneurial mother-of-three said she will take a formal leave of absence from the Trump Organization and her apparel and accessories brand once her father is sworn in as the 45th USA president. In that capacity, Klem, a lawyer-turned-fashion-executive, will work with a board of trustees to manage the strategic and day-to-day operations of the business.

'My husband, Jared, and I will be moving with our family to Washington, D.C., where Jared will serve as Senior Advisor to the President, ' Ivanka Trump wrote in a post on Facebook.

Kushner welcomed the appointment as "an honor" and said he was "humbled" by the opportunity to serve.

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But Gorelick said she is confident that the 1967 law does not apply to the White House, which she said is not an agency.

Trump's vast network of business interests in the USA and around the world have been cited as a major source of potential conflicts of interest for the President-elect.

"The Justice Department has described this authority as "unfettered" and 'sweeping, ' " Gorelick added. President-elect Trump first ordered that all pending deals be terminated.

Kushner, who turns 36 this week, is something of a political newcomer. On the other hand, "people may not want to knock one of the more reasonable voices out of the White House", he said, referring to Kushner. Bill Clinton put his wife, Hillary Clinton, in charge of reforming America's health-care system. His father, real estate developer Charles Kushner, served 14 months in prison in 2005 for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering and is famous for having contributed millions dollars donations to many education institutions.

Kushner's lawyers told CNNMoney on Monday that the Observer will be sold to a family trust.