Jamie Foxx Addresses Rumors He Was Beat Up In LA

With a new movie coming out, Jamie Foxx took to Instagram Tuesday morning to try and diffuse reports that he was involved in a vicious brawl at a at a popular Hollywood restaurant Saturday night.

Actor and singer, Jamie Foxx was out on the town Saturday with his friends.

As far as the fight story goes, a witness claims that Jamie and his friends were sitting in the patio area at Catch when a man approached them and told them they were too loud and needed to quiet down. "I know you all heard about this s-t man. Saw some videos". Apparently, things quickly got out of hand and another responded, "F*** you I'm from Oakland". A witness reveals that the man made contact with the actor. You can see video from some of the incident below.

This is when the situation reportedly got insane with some witnesses claiming the man lunged at Foxx, grabbed him, and pulled him down onto a table. However, from there, the accounts are garbled, with some saying Foxx put the man in a headlock and others says Foxx didn't touch him but instead had his friends deal with the problem.

He said that he was just trying to keep an eye on things before removing the towel exposing one purposefully crossed eye as a ruse.

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"I'm just f**king with y'all, man".

"I'm just [expletive] with y'all".

"Listen 2017, we don't want no violence".

"Come check me. Friday the thirteenth".

Jamie Foxx lost a tooth on the set of "Sleepless" when his co-star Michelle Monaghan accidentally punched him in the face.