Trump team member Monica Crowley's book pulled due to plagiarism

While it was unfortunate that HarperCollins failed to catch these indications of plagiarism in the book before its original publication, the fact that the otherwise well-respected publisher is pulling the book off shelves indicates they recognize plagiarism when they see it.

These allegations about Crowley's HarperCollins book and her Ph.D. dissertation are hardly the first time she has been accused of plagiarism.

Trump's transition team stood behind Crowley in a statement to the network.

"The book, which has reached the end of its natural sales cycle, will no longer be offered for purchase until such time as the author has the opportunity to source and revise the material", HarperCollins said in a statement on Tuesday, according to the New York Times.

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Trump's pick for a top National Security Council job, plagiarizednumerous passages in her Ph.D. dissertation, Politico Magazine has found. Her writing also violates types I and II of Columbia's definition of intentional plagiarism, which are, respectively, "direct copy and paste" and "small modification by word switch", "without quotation or reference to the source", Politico noted.

A statement issued before the Harper Collins decision said, "Monica's exceptional insight and thoughtful work on how to turn this country around is exactly why she will be serving in the Administration". The Politico report cites numerous passages from some of the best-known academic works on America's China policy that appear borrowed without attribution. Unlikely to bring up the Monica Crowley book plagiarism with them. Biden was accused of lifting the "phrases, gestures, and Welsh syntax" from a commercial by British Labour Party member Neil Kinnock just four months prior.

In her columns, Crowley, a conservative author and longtime Fox News personality, copied lines from Fox News, Reuters, Commentary Magazine, the Washington Times itself, World Net Daily, and the Associated Press.

In recent days, the team has voiced continued support for Crowley. Ms. Trump's speechwriter, Meredith McIver, apologized for what she called a "mistake" and offered to resign.