Snapchat discloses Universal Search to Facilitate Navigation

Snapchat has recently released a complete make over on its design and user interface, which is said to be available as a preview to only Snapchat beta testers on Android now. A new universal search bar now sits at the top of the app, reports TechCrunch.

The company said that the all new interface is purposefully designed for maximum speed, so the users can locate what they are looking for and keep them intact.

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Brands, businesses, and influencers will probably be benefitting from this as they try to build an audience within the app since it is now easier for users to find and discover them. The update will be released to all iOS and Android users soon. The search bar allows users to look up content, conversation and even users. The search will directly take the user to auto-suggest card, which will enable the user to have a quick chat with friends. After entering a friend's name in the entry bar, Snapchatters will be able to tap his or her card to jump into a chat with that person. Universal search can also lead to additional revenue for Snapchat, which can use every additional penny it can find since it is going public early this year with a $25 billion IPO. Beyond accounts, you can find specific daily editions of Discover channels or particular Our Stories by searching for their titles. In addition to this, users can also access their profile from any screen by tapping Bitmoji, or the ghost icon if the Bitmoji is not linked. According to TechCrunch, this will allow Snapchat to create Stories based not just on events happening worldwide, but also more general snapping trends.

Snapchat parent company Snap Inc. Snapchat may be able to use the new search bar to expand on its income too.