Trump's Policies Lead to Unemployment in Northern Mexico

We'll have more on the immigration raids nationwide later in the broadcast.

In the Mexican capital, two separate marches were set to converge on the iconic Angel of Independence monument on the city's leafy Paseo de la Reforma avenue.

"No wall, no wall", the demonstrators repeatedly chanted. According to the El Universal daily, Enrique Graue, Rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, also took part in the street protests - for the first time in 49 years.

"This is not the moment to look to the past".

That new nationalism appears to be giving a boost to Mexican presidential hopeful Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, whom some political analysts call a "leftist Donald Trump" for his populist, anti-establishment rhetoric.

One of the banners read: "Gracias, Trump, for unifying Mexico!"

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Many people within the crowd held up signs saying "Respect Mexico" and "we are all Mexico" at the rally, the LA Times reported.

The Maquiladora Association in Juarez attributed the decline in jobs to factors such as anti-free trade policies announced by the USA president, who even threatened to impose tariffs on companies that export to his country from Mexico.

"These policies threaten everyone's rights, threaten the rights of our migrants in the United States and put the Mexican economy at risk", said one activist.

"The United States and Mexico are natural friends and allies, but Trump is destroying this", added Garcia, who later publicly burned the Trump effigy.

Last Sunday, Trump had asserted that the deportations should come as no surprise, as the crackdown on "illegal criminals" is merely the keeping of his campaign promise. "Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!" Mexico's president had said on multiple occasions that his country will not foot the bill for the wall.

The march also featured many signs supporting Mexican migrants living in the United States.