Mayweather Tells McGregor What To Do If He Really Wants To Fight

An Irish news website reported McGregor, from Dublin, has agreed to terms with Mayweather on the fight although a contract for the multi-million dollar bout has not been signed. Based on that tape, along with McGregor's status as an elite fighter, Bennett doesn't see a problem.

The opening bell of a Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather mega-fight has hit its latest road block. The agreement has yet to be signed due to a "third party hold-up", according to the report.

McGregor is in Las Vegas to film an anti-bullying video, but Mayweather wants the Irishman to use the trip to sort out the issues surrounding the fight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., 39, is unbeaten in 49 career fights.

Floyd Mayweather might be able to get his "money fight" with Conor McGregor - just not anytime soon.

The report cited cited sources close to Mayweather's Straight Blast Gym by saying that an announcement could be coming within the next couple of weeks.

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The American told ESPN at Saturday's National Basketball Association game between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder that the two fighters are on the verge of an agreement.

However, many believe McGregor is holding the UFC lightweight division hostage as the title isn't likely to be defended until the summer of 2017 or maybe even longer.

He said: "I'm confirming that real people are having real discussions".

Though McGregor doesn't have any fights scheduled on the docket, UFC president Dana White revealed last week that he has four fights remaining on his current contract. McGregor has only competed in mixed martial arts but is now the UFC champion in the lightweight division.

What could prompt White from preventing this fight to happen are McGregor's chances of actually defeating Mayweather.

However, the American has shut down talk of a fight and any future fights with anyone.