Mitsubishi Gives Its Upcoming Crossover a Hopeful Name

Technical specifications for the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will be announced during the crossover's world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, scheduled from March 9 to 19.

For a mainstream carmaker to remain popular, it must give customers what they want - so the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is an important vehicle, as the people have spoken with their wallets, and SUV crossovers are what they're after. The vehicle has been confirmed to be the Eclipse Cross and is expected to directly compete with the Nissan Qashqai as it known in Europe and Rogue Sport in the US.

Dubbed "Eclipse Cross", it combines the name of Mitsubishi's popular specialty coupe model, the Eclipse, with the moniker Cross, which of course stands for "crossover". The auto manufacturer will revive the name but will be using it for its newest SUV instead.

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Unfortunately, none of the promotional materials that have been released for the 2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV have revealed its technical specs. Still, all hope may not be lost, as Mitsubishi promises that the vehicle's design will be as stunning as its namesake astronomical event.

Whether the plug-in hybrid drivetrain of the Mitsubishi Outlander will expand to the Eclipse Cross remains to be seen.

Set to add some fresh energy into Mitsubishi's ageing line-up, the Eclipse Cross will slot in between the ASX and Outlander models.