Texas police officer saves employees from burning truck

A quick-thinking Texas police officer is being praised for using his patrol auto to push a pickup engulfed in flames away from a fast-food restaurant, preventing the fire from spreading.

A police officer in Glenn Heights, Texas is being heralded as a hero after using his squad vehicle to contain a truck that had burst into flames.

Officers responded at 9 p.m. Saturday to the Jack in the Box at 1703 S. Beckley Road.

He successfully moved the vehicle away from the building using his patrol vehicle.

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In the video, the police cruiser being driven by Officer Chris Womack pulls up to the back of the truck making contact with vehicle.

Thanks to his quick thinking, major damage to the building was prevented. "I am not sure if the structure has actually caught on fire, but the truck is in the parking lot now".

"My adrenaline was going a little bit", Womack told Fox.

Police have not said what happened to the driver of the truck. "It was just a God-send that I was here at that particular time".