Trump perplexed as journalist calls him out for lying

"I'm here following through on what I pledged to do - that's all I'm doing", Trump said. I don't know, I was just given-we had a very, very big margin. That, it's true, couldn't top Reagan's historic margin of 525 votes in 1984 - but quite a few other presidents have come closer than Trump.

On Thursday afternoon, President Trump called a press conference to ostensibly announce his new labor secretary pick, but instead turned in another long and rambling performance accusing the media of propagating "fake news," bragging about his administrations non-accomplishments, and boasting about his Electoral College win. Asked about the falsehood, Trump initially said he meant of Republican presidents, then said "he was given that information".

Trump had during the conference said he won the November election with 306 electoral college votes, the highest since Ronald Reagan. And that was significantly less than Obama's 2008 showing, when he won 365 electoral votes.

Alexander, a correspondent for NBC News, sought to correct Trump on those figures, and pressed him to explain how he could call reporting by outlets like The New York Times and CNN "fake news" while using inaccurate figures himself.

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"Why should Americans trust you", Alexander asked. "I was just given that information".

Trump's claims are false on two fronts: He received only 304 electoral votes, and his victory margin in the Electoral College was the 13th-slimmest in history.

"I don't know", Trump added. "But it was a very substantial victory, do you agree with that?"

"I was given that information", said Trump.