Messenger Day rolls out globally for Android devices

But considering Facebook has made it impossible to send messages on their platform without the Messenger app, these grievances will likely not see any damage to their numbers. It's added games so you can use it for fun. The photo or video that you selected can be viewed by your friends for a duration of 24 hours only. But did you know Messenger's other standout feature is a built-in camera? While those might sound like goofy or vain needs, that's part of the appeal of Snapchat-it's a place to get weird.

So how does this feature work? Everything that lands in Messenger Day will be deleted after 24 hours, though, so Facebook is hoping there won't be much incentive to hold back from sharing.

Facebook on 9 March announced a new feature in its Messenger mobile app. You can also tap on the "Add to your day" button which is located at the top of your Inbox, beside the other Messenger Day posts from your friends. Ads in Stories help businesses use targeting and reach capabilities that make ads personally relevant to the people they want to reach.

This is where Messenger Day's unique slant on Stories for messaging comes in. Your settings will apply to everything you post to that day, so if you've selected a limited audience but decide later you want to share something with everyone, you'll have to wait until the next day.

Add any art effects you like through the smiley face icon in the top right. The firm has included the ability to draw on images, write, text and include a number of "special effects".

Select "My Day" and you are good to go.

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Once you share it to your Day, it will be viewable for 24 hours.

But Messenger Day has something that Snapchat and Instagram don't offer you: a significantly easier way to control who sees your story.

Facebook's approach seems to be more about putting a ceiling on Snapchat's user growth than stealing from its existing user base.

Messenger Day lets you express yourself with precision. Nonetheless, the recently added in-built camera into the Messenger, which earlier allowed users to only share images and videos with their friends on their contact list, now also lets user set these images or videos as their Stories. Tap more and choose Everyone Except or Custom options to specifically choose who sees the content.

To choose who can't see your Day, tap the Profile icon, tap My Day, tap Everyone Except, and then choose who can't see your day.