Justin Bieber unjustly slammed for snubbing photo-hungry Aussie fans

Best night of my life [sic],' gushed one happy fan.

Apparently Helal had heard that Bieber was being transported around the city in a Porsche and a Volvo, so she very reasonably made a decision to also drive around Melbourne's CBD, looking for him.

As reported by the Melbourne Herald Sun (via the Musicfeeds website), Bieber was in no mood to be stalked by 20-year-old selfie-snapper Sebah Helal.

Sure, Justin must get sick of being asked to take selfies, but telling someone - especially a fan - they make him "sick" is just plain mean.

"I realise people we be disappointed but I don't owe anybody a picture".

While he was about to get back in his vehicle, he was spotted by a few fans and soon found himself at the center of a gathering.

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The superstar first addressed problematic issues with his fans in a Spapchat video while promoting his latest album goal in 2015. One tweeted "I was amongst the 50,000 fans at Etihad [stadium]".

"So disappointed with Justin Bieber, ' wrote one Facebook user who added that he 'looked uninterested" and he put 'zero effort into it'. However, "ran into" is an inaccuracy.

Bieber allegedly said to her, "Youre invading my privacy, I dont want a photo". In an Instagram post previous year, he revealed that "if you happen to see me out somewhere know that I'm not gonna take a picture". "If you happen to see me out somewhere know that I'm not gonna take a picture I'm done taking pictures", he said.

Neither was it noted that Bieber has been repeatedly saying for the past 10 months that he no longer takes photos with fans, and prefers when fans don't have their phones out so that he can have conversations with them calmly.

Yet in all the "Melbourne fan" news stories, this question went unasked: Why would a supposed Bieber "super fan" either not know or respect his (now) longstanding aversion to being bombarded with photo demands?