California man forced from vehicle with fire hose, fatally shot by police

An Orange police officer fatally shot a man Sunday night after officers used a fire hose to force the man from his vehicle, according to police and video of the confrontation.

The incident began around 11:15 p.m. when police attempted to pull the man's minivan over for a vehicle code violation, according to a statement from Orange police. He poured some onto a rag and lit a cigarette, Lopez said. "It was, do we have a suicide?"

Video aired by KABC-TV ( ) showed that moments after the water was sprayed and police broke additional windows, the shirtless man climbed out head-first through the driver's-side window. "The vehicle had privacy glass, so we couldn't see what other issues there were in the vehicle", Lopez said.

Officers used hoses to blast the vehicle with water.

The man was barricaded in his vehicle for about half an hour, and authorities became concerned when he produced a lighter and gas container they thought could be flammable, Lopez said.

"We try to use less lethal rounds, but it is not always possible", Lopez said. Video captured at the scene shows the man moving around inside the vehicle before crawling out of the driver's side window. "He parked his vehicle and then refused to get out of the auto". Officers then pounded on the back windows.

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Shouts of "Knife! Knife!"

At least two shots were fired.

Lopez said the man "reached back and grabbed a knife and armed himself", leading to the officer-involved shooting.

The shooting was being investigated by the county district attorney's office.

Police did not immediately release the man's name, but his sister identified him to KTLA as Michael Anthony Perez, a father of six who would have turned 34-years-old on Wednesday.