GIRAFFE WATCH: Significant changes in April, vet called

When she finally gives birth, her calf's front hooves will come out first, followed by the snout.

The park took to their social media profile to share an update on April Monday. They can not confirm active labor at this time. Even if the bad weather hit NY this weekend, the pregnant giraffe is safe at the zoo, where her baby is monitored by specialists. "Wax caps are present and udder appears to possibly have more content - another few days of comparative photo will confirm changes", wrote Animal Adventure Park official's on their official Facebook page. "We start another week without a calf!"

Keepers reported on Monday that April is "larger than ever". "The team is preparing accordingly-as we do-with any weather activity of concern", the park said.

The giraffe cam of the zoo is in its third week now but there's still no signs of labor. "When calfs are born, the ossicones lie flat on the head, and after birth, the cartilage becomes erect and begins to fasten to the skull".

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Tens of millions of fans across the world have been hooked to the live stream for weeks now as they wait for April to deliver. The excitement about April giving birth was undeniable, but all the attention also made it hard for the zoo to answer everyone's questions. "It does not mean just because they bred, they conceived", Patch said.

April the giraffe and her long-necked lover, Oliver, shared a touching moment this morning as the two longingly gazed at one another from above their pens. "Hello, humans of the Internet". April's zoo keepers pointed out that the giraffe's calf was restless early Sunday morning, on March 12, continuously kicking and giving signs that it is healthy and growing. But newsflash: "Staring at me and demanding 'Where's that baby already??' is NOT helping".

Giraffe pregnancies last up to 15 months.