Google Releases Uptime, an App for Watching YouTube Videos With Others

Google incubator Area 120 has a new app for watching YouTube videos.

At present, the app is only available on iOS and requires an invite code. There's no way to record or create videos within the app, and Area 120 is promoting the app as "a place to share and watch videos together with friends no matter where they are". Which is why Google has launched Uptime. Towards the same, a Google team has come up with a brand new experimental application that allows you to watch videos with your buddies - in real time. Their newest creation is an app called Uptime.

On your own home Home screen, you'll see daily video recommendations from friends and people you follow. But as Uptime matures, it's conceivable the developers will add4 features. While they watch the videos, users can comment in real-time while adding sparkles and stickers to spruce up the viewing experience. Now available only in the U.S. to people with an invite (hint: use the code PIZZA), it lets you see who else is watching the same video as you in real-time, and you can also add comments and reactions. This article offers up a comprehensive list of sites and services to get you started.

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It's worth noting right about now that Uptime is only available right now for the iPhone.

The YouTube Go app is for everyone, but it goes without a say that there are some regions where bandwidth consumption is always an issue. Here you'll find info on how many likes these videos have, how many people are now watching live, who's watching/commenting, etc. Others like Viddy, WeMesh, LiveLead, and AirTime have also taken a stab at the idea. Once you download the app, you'll need to sign in with a Google account. Letting others see the videos you're watching is crucial to the Uptime social experience, but it's important to note that this is strictly an Uptime feature.