Samsung to start the foldable phone production this year

Mass-production should start in 2018 after Samsung gauges demand for such a device.

Earlier this year, it was rumoured that Samsung would be showing off a foldable smartphone concept to some industry clients at Barcelona's MWC 2017 tradeshow in February.

Though Samsung had been talking about foldable smartphones for years now, it had not been able to present a working prototype till now, commentators point out. Recent reports suggest that numerous Chinese display panel makers are also now committing more resources to their efforts of developing a prototype of a foldable smartphone panel. While Samsung is working on this development, Chinese panel manufacturers are also accelerating their process of development of prototype of foldable displays.

Samsung Electronics is devoting itself into manufacturing foldable Smartphone with luxurious design and high-quality that fit image of current Samsung brand.

It sounds like Samsung is following the same strategy it employed with Edge displays. Close on the heels of this comes news that premium foldable smartphones from the company is in the final stages of development. Android OEMs like Lenovo, Oppo or Vivo are already working with display makers like BOE, Visionox and AUO towards reaching this goal. "We are planning on mass-production and release this product by discussing with our partners". With its borderless design, large screen, vocal assistant and facial recognition, Samsung's flagship should make a sensation during its presentation.

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When Will Mass Production Begin?

Samsung already introduced foldable screen tech that has four phases: curved, bent, foldable and rollable.

Samsung has been experimenting with foldable/flexible displays for quite some time, showing off its new technology at trade shows for a number of years now.

The analyst continued: "However because it seems that South Korean companies and Chinese companies are looking to start producing prototypes around third quarter, competitions between South Korean companies and Chinese companies are going to become even more fierce".