Trump to visit Nashville this week for campaign rally

Nashville is also seen as one of the leading battleground cities on charter schools; Trump's planned remarks will also touch on school choice.

Trump's advisors have compared him and his populist, nationalist movement to Jackson.

In true Jacksonian fashion, Trump will leave the Hermitage for a rally in Nashville's Municipal Auditorium.

It has nothing to do with health care. The current president even has a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office. "That's the great Andrew Jackson, who actually was a great general, and he was a great president - but a controversial president". "The conservatives are going to go insane". "The Jacksonians weren't the least bit apologetic; in their tough martial worldview, the Japanese needed killin', and that was all there was to it", Bannon explained in an article with Alexander Marlow. On that memorable occasion you might tell a "Jackson man" nearly as far as you could see him.

Also like Jackson, Trump's foreign policy combines a reluctance to get involved overseas with the ultimate use of force to defeat America's enemies. For this reason, along with Jackson's support of slavery, the administration of former president Barack Obama called for Jackson to be removed from the $20 bill, a decision that Trump at the time called "pure political correctness".

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It will be the president's second campaign rally since his inauguration.

Tennessee is a deep-red state, and Trump received 61 percent of votes in the general election.

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But the museum's CEO says they don't mind shutting down for the expected visit by President Trump on Wednesday, which will be the first by a sitting president in 35 years.

House Republicans recently unveiled their replacement for the Affordable Care Act, the Obamacare legislation they have long vowed to repeal. Harry Truman may have visited before being elected president.