Dallas baby dies after multiple 'ghost' calls swamp 911 service

The death is the second to be seemingly tied to what has been dubbed a "ghost call" issue in which T-Mobile customers' phones flood the city's 911 call center with phony emergency calls, forcing legitimate emergency callers to wait in line.

Dallas police are still investigating the case. He was immediately disconnected and it took him 20 minutes to reach a 911 operator. "He called back and was put on hold", The Dallas Morning News reported. The city has not placed the blame on T-Mobile or the outage.

Ghost calls happen when a person on a T-Mobile cell phone makes a single call to Dallas 911, but that call somehow gets caught in a loop. For an unknown reason, when a T-Mobile customer calls 911 the system creates multiple "ghost calls" to 911 that register as hangups.

Operators then must call those numbers to verify if emergency assistance is needed or if police must be sent.

The manual callbacks further clog the call line.

Alex was at her nephew's funeral when Brandon's babysitter called to say that her son had fallen and would not wake up.

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax spoke with T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Tuesday.

"We remain completely committed to solving this issue and have been working daily with the Dallas [911 center] to find a permanent solution to this problem".

T-Mobile vice president David Carey said that their team would stay on the ground in Dallas until the problem is identified and fixed.

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Dallas city officials have become concerned with the problem as well because it seems the issue is only affecting that city.

"Cross died Saturday night, March 6, a night that hundreds of 911 callers were put on hold". But after a spike in calls over the weekend, it was clear that the problem had not been resolved, he said.

"This has been going on since November".

"I just want y'all to tell me why didn't you respond to my son?"

"A six-month old child died at some time that evening. Why did my child have to be the example?"

Taffet says as he performed CPR, his call to 911 was dropped.

Rawlings had no answer but he shared his condolences, as he did for Alex. The sitter was reportedly on hold for more than 30 minutes. Paramedics promptly arrived after he finally got through, but his husband later died at a hospital.

One may ask themselves why the babysitter didn't just rush him to the hospital herself after not being able to get through the first time. "And so the value of those officers' time should definitely be sought from T-Mobile".