Kidnap victim escapes from trunk of moving auto

A woman jumped out of the trunk of a vehicle in Birmingham, Ala., March 14, in an apparent attempt to escape an alleged kidnapper.

Police said the 25-year old victim was abducted from outside her apartment in the Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama.

He reportedly demanded money, then forced her to get into the trunk of a auto.

The victim was able to run inside the convenience store and call 911 for help.

The woman told police that the kidnapper drove the woman to various locations, where authorities believe the man used ATMs to withdraw money from the woman's account. "He was not right. there was something going on with him", Alsabah said. "I kept an eye on him". That's when the trunk of the auto pops open, and the woman jumps out.

Yosef Alsabah, the owner of the gas station, told the man came into the gas station before the escape, tried to use the ATM several times and asked for help with the machine.

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The man later allegedly made the woman get into the trunk of her vehicle before driving to several locations.

The video then shows them driving off.

The woman then ran inside and spoke to a worker (left), who allowed her to hide behind the counter.

She then used Alsabah's phone to call her family, and cops soon arrived, the site reported.

Cameras at the gas station captured the moment of her escape, which took place as her alleged captor was pulling out of the parking lot.