Switch Reportedly so Popular Nintendo Has to Double Production

The Switch could outsell the Wii U in just one year if it keeps up the current momentum, as Nintendo ramps up its manufacturing plans.

Even with Nintendo's plan to ship 2 million Nintendo Switch units in March, the console is still hard to find at retailers, seemingly sold out nearly everywhere. Theoretically, this would then allow anyone to alter the Nintendo Switch's system, interface, and other functionalities.

Seeing how the Nintendo Switch is not a device that has a sim the hacking chances of the device are low but there are still risks involved.

The initial shipments of Nintendo's Switch console have sold out, and the hardware is now being sold for around $450 by third-party sellers on the gray market. This is double than what the company planned.

Analysts SuperData reported earlier this week that sales of the console may have already topped 1.5 million - a strong start that would justify confidence in the machine's future. As of 31 December 2016, Wii U's lifetime sales sat at 13.56 million. It's best to call ahead to ask GameStop employees when your local store's units are coming in before you get your hopes up.

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With the lack of concrete global sales figures, we turn to industry analyst firm Superdata which this week estimated Switch sales at 1.5 million units worldwide. But it does mean that it's much more likely that consumers will be able to get one within the next six months.

The console had "The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", "Shovel Knight", and "Snipperclips" ready on the launch day.

To be in line with the increased production, Nintendo clearly sees the need for increasing the number of games. People will buy the console in order to play those games.

Todesco also mentioned that the Nintendo Switch uses a certain hidden WebKit browser, which is essential when the device needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.