What Exactly Is Marvel's Iron Fist Supposed To Be About?

"But I haven't been able to talk about it at all until yesterday, really". Yeah, Scott Buck did a great job staffing the writers' room, and getting us good scripts. She'd be an interesting character if any of her shifts in morality and loyalty seemed intentional, or building toward something.

The comic book giant came under fire for maintaining the character "true to its source material", instead of "promoting diversity".

Marvel and Netflix are saving the best for last, clearly. I remember when Daredevil first came out, and the buzz around that. You see, Iron Fist was created in the '70s. We know that Weaver will be playing the show's main villain, and we know that her character is named "Alexandra".

But the show just isn't doing anything new, at least not in the first six episodes. With Deadpool they proved that you can make a brilliant R-rated comedy out of a comic book, with Logan they proved that superheroes and Oscar-bait performances don't have to be mutually exclusive, and with Legion they. well, who knows what's going on with Legion, but it's bloody magnificent.

Over the course of somewhere between a few weeks and a couple of months, Joy Meachum has found a long-lost childhood friend, tried to help her brother battle a drug addiction, been fired from the company her father co-founded, was betrayed by her brother, found out her long-dead father was actually alive and can straight-up cheat death, got involved in an worldwide conspiracy, found out her childhood friend has superpowers, and discovered that her company was a front for a massive heroin ring.

That time, as we eventually discover, is 72 hours; as the real doctor, Dr. Edmonds, informs Danny, it was either a psychiatric facility or prison time after the Meachums handed him over to the law. This self-professed Marvel stan could take him on a journey through his life, going all the way back to grade school with Marvel Comics trading cards and the like, but this isn't going to be a take down of how those fans turn into these critics.

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Unless of course they manage to recut The Phantom Menace and kill off Jar Jar, in which case I think anybody could be persuaded. It's multi-layered, it's multi-dimensional. It's forever evolving. You know, it's a unusual relationship. If the Marvel-Netflix team-up has sought to assemble the Beatles of brooding brawls, think of "Iron Fist" as a notch below Ringo. "Could you imagine that outfit alongside the other Defenders?".

The Hollywood Reporter's Dan Fienberg wasn't impressed with the show's star, writing "It's unclear if Jones" lack of physical authority is dampening "Iron Fist's" ability to be an action show or if "Iron Fist's' lack of interest in being an action show has negated Jones' ability to display physical authority". Just to show a different facet from the other three stories. Or will the universe gobsmack me with a surprise?

Danny and Colleen's relationship doesn't evolve in quite the ways you expect-despite being descended from a family of samurai and owning her own dojo, Colleen still ends up being schooled in martial arts and spiritualism by Danny. "This is one of the reasons why this project spoke to me". These things that sort of differentiates it from the others.

If those changes are all that happens, then I'm all for it. I love kung fu movies and we have a kung fu TV show.

Wenham: I did basically everything; I did most of my walking and talking myself.