Sen. Gardner Says We Need A Westerner On The Supreme Court

But Gorsuch has also ruled against the EPA, as in a 2010 case in which the court found that the agency was wrong to classify land in New Mexico as Indian country when a company sought to obtain a mining permit. Jerry A. Johnson, President & CEO of National Religious Broadcasters, said, "Promise made".

His conservative supporters also point to bipartisan support among the legal communities in academia and the government.

"Mr. Anschutz spoke with Senator (Wayne) Allard (of Colorado) about Neil Gorsuch, and Senator Allard suggested that we pass along Mr. Gorsuch's resume to you", Black wrote.

In response, the library at the University of Virginia School of Law, in collaboration with other law libraries and interested groups, has created the Neil Gorsuch Project, a one-stop website that compiles the judge's opinions, publications and speeches.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) instantly announced that he would not allow whomever Obama nominated - ultimately Judge Merrick Garland - to receive confirmation hearings and a vote. The recess is scheduled to begin April 7.

While some conservatives like the idea and the precedent it sets - especially if they get a second nomination to the court and the opportunity to even more radically change its political makeup - others worry that it is a can of worms that will never be shut, and that will come back to haunt them when they are next in the minority.

The Republican-controlled Senate has to approve the appointment for it to take effect.

"People are saying I don't care if he's a Republican or Democrat, he has a great reputation and that's what we're looking for - somebody who can bring the right talents and judgments to the bench", said Steve Farber, a partner with Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck and a key figure in bringing the 2008 Democratic National Convention to Denver.

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On Wednesday, Sen. Ed Markey, D-MA, and Jeff Merkley, D-OR, joined Warren for a rally on the Capitol's steps to deliver almost 1 million petition signatures demanding all senators reject Gorsuch. They delivered a petition to the Judiciary Committee with 1 million signatures last week in opposition to Gorsuch.

Wednesday, once the Gorsuch questions are expected to be done, could feature outside witnesses, including those summoned by Democrats to personify the impact of Gorsuch's past decisions. Alfred Smith, a Native American who worked as a counselor at an OR drug clinic, had been denied unemployment benefits after he was sacked for taking peyote, a hallucinogen, as part of a religious ceremony. Chuck Schumer of NY, the Senate minority leader, said in one characteristic tweet on March 16.

The accuracy of Gorsuch's statement was confirmed by others at the meeting.

It appears increasingly likely that Trump's directive will soon reach the Supreme Court.

More broadly, Gorsuch follows Scalia's strict adherence to constitutional and statutory text as a role model. "To remind us that legislators may appeal to their own moral convictions and to claims about social utility to reshape the law as they think it should be in the future". "Many Democrats already have, and it is the right thing to do".

"Only by insisting that Judge Gorsuch answer these questions will the Committee fulfill its responsibility to the American people, and reveal the extent to which his nomination jeopardizes rights and liberties that many Americans believe are secure", the coalition said.

This hasn't always meant thumbs-down for the little guy, nor is Gorsuch himself entirely a Scalia clone.

The judge-clerk relationship weighed heavily during the Trump administration's judicial selection process, as well as the possibility that Gorsuch could successfully prevail upon Justice Kennedy, given their special relationship.