Ryan working with more conservative lawmakers to pass health care bill

President Donald Trump has been talking with GOP lawmakers about potential changes. "We're honored to be here to represent the conservatives and to work with the president and vice president for all communities of the American people".

'We just got 12 very, very great people that went from no or maybe but maybe leaning to no, right Mike?' Trump said, indicating to Vice President Mike Pence.

A Congressional Budget Office analysis last week concluded that older people would likely pay higher premiums under the proposal to repeal and replace Barack Obama's health care law.

Under Obamacare, insurers can charge only three times more. I think there's enough conservatives that do not want 'ObamaCare lite, ' " Paul said on ABC's "This Week".

Asked whether the current G.O.P. bill would hurt his constituents, Trump acknowledged that "a lot of things aren't consistent" between the Republican plan and his message during the transition, when he promised to provide "insurance for everybody". And I promise you, in a year, the insurance markets will still be unraveling ...

Price spoke to reporters before a Friday meeting with House Republicans.

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RISE - an organization committed to "empowering Americans to monitor and take action in response to the Trump Administration" - is planning to protest the event.

This reckless assault on the ACA risks the health coverage of millions of Americans while handing $465 billion in tax breaks to the wealthy, health insurance corporations and drug firms.

The president noted that "certain changes" were made to court the 13 conservative lawmakers who met with him on Friday, while declaring that Obamacare is now a "dead healthcare plan". "The president is bringing people to his table, and I'm very impressed with how the president is helping us close this bill, and making the improvements that we've been making, getting the votes". "We're confident tonight that there are not the votes to modify this current bill to make it acceptable to conservatives and moderates alike", Representative Mark Meadows, chairman of the conservative Freedom Caucus said on Wednesday night.

But Ryan expressed confidence that the bill would pass the House this week - and then move to the Senate, where the legislation is facing even sharper doubts and the GOP majority is much narrower. "That's what we're moving forward with in this first phase".

"It worked well for 21,000 people", Friedsam said.