The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14 Recap

Our suspicions were finally confirmed on this week's episode of The Walking Dead: Jesus is gay! Proceed with caution, survivors. After Simon and his people left, Gregory realized Jesus was fighting for the other side and told him to stay away from him.

"So, we're going through a desert somewhere and I jump off the bus. It is taking your cup and going down each soda jet and taking a little from each one and then throwing in some hot sauce, a little bit of lime, and then maybe a tiny bit of tequila, as well". "The end of this season is very much the end of a chapter", he told the crowd. Fortunately, that's the only thing that's really wrong about this week's episode. I have no idea why the two didn't just wait in the building across the way for a few more hours or even days for another opportunity to take Negan out with a sniper rifle from a far enough distance to escape.

Primarily, the focus this week is on Rosita and Sasha, who finally undertake their mission to assassinate Negan. However, this is the first time Jesus' sexuality has been mentioned on the show. Especially about Maggie and Daryl, since they both can't be found by the Saviors or else they'll probably be killed.

It completely helps. We didn't play it hugely, but he didn't look at or speak Maggie because he felt culpable for what happened to Glenn - which I don't think he was.

If only Gregory exhibited a fraction of her wisdom.

There was also the distraction of Eugene barking orders to the Saviours and of the Doctor Harlan - aka Doctor Carson 2.0 - arriving from The Hilltop as replacement for his recently flambeed brother (Doctor Carson the first). Kudos to the show for not going the easy route and making Gregory entirely unsympathetic.

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IGN: After opening with Negan's brutal murders, this season has been about how people respond to what is, in many ways, an incarnation of evil. The Other Side, however, isn't too concerned with the season's overarching narrative, instead choosing to spend the majority of its time at the Hilltop.

In the comics, the same character is gay, so the producers wanted to keep its sexuality like this.

- "It's a long life, and then it isn't".

This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

McBride tried to separate herself from her character, Carol, who has evolved from housewife to heroine. Maggie, of course, doesn't see it this way and tells him he's "one of the good things in this world". That's what Glenn thought. With just three episodes left in the series, I expected things to escalate at a faster pace towards the inevitable conclusion. Unless, God forbid, he really has gone full Negan.