Project Scorpio Dev Kit Images Revealed

Eurogamer has an exclusive deal with Microsoft to unveil details about the upcoming, faster Xbox One console, Project Scorpio.

No, he wasn't talking about the Xbox One S or Project Scorpio.

Developers are still staying quiet right now with regards to what new games may eventually be hosted by Project Scorpio, but players should know that there may be some interesting titles in the works, including ones that could be fully capable of taking advantage of this new console's virtual reality capabilities. But the truth is, the only developers that target one platform are first-party. In addition to focusing on compatibility with the latest and greatest in TV technology - 4K resolution, high dynamic range and wide color gamut - Microsoft sought to future-proof Scorpio by building in support for two standards that haven't yet arrived in the living room. "With the silicon that was available, they picked the parts that made sense to go and put together a console in 2016".

Interestingly, the Xbox Scorpio dev kits also pack more power than the final version and they also feature an OLED screen that displays frame rates and other useful information. And the launch could also boost Xbox One sale, as Microsoft could be cutting the price of its older console, Express reported.

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"So.I'm a strong believer in console". The system represents a total re-thinking in how consoles are made, exemplifying a kind of state-of-the-art synergy between its components and a flexible, potent, and ultra-efficient software pipeline.

The 12 TFLOPS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti we looked at a couple of weeks ago becomes the first realistic "4K card" we've ever tested, so I don't have a ton of confidence for smooth 4K gaming on Scorpio, even with its hardware that's almost 4x as powerful as the original Scorpio. "And I've said, and this is actually true, the planning for what happens after Scorpio in the console space is already underway". Like, what is the next thing?

"We spent a ton of effort on reducing iteration time for developers", Gammill told Gamasutra.

Again, you'll need to upgrade your sound system hardware if you want to really feel the full effects of the Atmos sound. I think it's fair to say we've been, um, surprised by the performance gains that Scorpio is giving us. "Or the gaming experience, I guess, more specifically, could go".