Microsoft Tests Steam-Style Refunds For Xbox One

Similar to Steam's refund policy, the self-service refund allows gamers to request a refund for a game within 14 days of purchase provided they've spent less than two hours in the title. Reddit user GaymerRaver took a screenshot of the key announcement on his console. Microsoft has confirmed that refunds will soon be available to all Xbox One and Windows Store customers.

Downloadable content, season passes, and add-ons are all exempt. You much launch the game or app before you can refund it.

You must wait for at least 1 day after the game or app's release before requesting a self-service refund.

The first two terms mirror Valve's Steam Store refund policy, which has been in effect for almost two years.

Requesting a refund is merely a matter of logging into your Microsoft account, navigating to your order history within the Payments and Billing tab, and then selecting the game you wish to refund.

This Steam-like policy is more generous than that of the Google Play Store, which only permits refunds of software that has been installed within the past two hours.

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One of the drawbacks to buying a game digitally is that players are stuck with the game if it is poorly designed or boring. Microsoft also reserves the right to block access to any user who abuses the self-service refund system.

First discovered on Reddit by user gaymerRaver, the new feature is now in alpha on the Xbox One Preview Programme.

Sony has been urged to offer PS4 game refunds following reports that Microsoft will do the same for Xbox One and Windows games. But that may be about to change if a refund system now in testing in Preview Alpha proves popular.

Microsoft runs a Windows Store refund test right now for select participants of the Windows 10 and Xbox Insider programs.

This week, as its rollout of the Windows 10 Creators Update began for PCs, Microsoft said that its Skype UWP app for PCs and phones had officially dropped its preview tag, and declared it "ready for everyday use".