Samsung Galaxy S8 is Gaining Popularity

Fortunately, the Galaxy S8 and S8 +, which have already generated more than 500,000 pre-orders, are there to make us wait patiently. Samsung claims the S8 is the safest phone to date after the battery failures that caused some Note 7s to spontaneously combust. Just months removed from the recall of its exploding Galaxy Note 7 devices, all seems forgotten.

It's important to point out that these prototypes are not being made for the consumer market as Samsung will test out the concept of foldable smartphones internally first. There were talks that Samsung will take a while to get back from the slip, but now Samsung has proved back that it's the giant of Android. It is said that LG is also working on one and that we might also see it this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Pre-sale in South Korea kicked off on April 7.

Some time after the two new phones launch on April 21st, Samsung will no doubt pass along the number of pre-orders it received for both models, which we will pass along to you. And, guess the answer lies in the specifications that Samsung improves with each of its flagship devices. I am not surprised about the interest of the customers on the device.

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With the launch of the Galaxy S8 devices, the company also introduced its own personal assistant called Bixby which also happens to have its dedicated button on the side edge of the smartphones.

Tech Crunch reports that the Bixby voice assistant will only be available until "later this spring".

Leaks and rumors surrounding Apple's iPhone 8, which is likely to launch in September, indicate that phone could share some of the same features seen in the Galaxy S8.

The company has reportedly had problems with the voice-recognition performance of the English version of Bixby. According to the research manager for client devices at IDC Asia/Pacific, those numbers bring very good news with them. This is because nearly every major United States carrier has the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus ready and this also goes for tons of other carriers.