Samsung Galaxy S8 won't get Bixby Voice features from the day one

After its much ballyhooed presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and its Bixby smart assistant, Samsung is delaying the best part of Bixby - voice control. The company's latest front runner that is expected to launch April 21 worldwide will not incorporate the Samsung's hallmark feature for the US customers.

Samsung says some features, including Home, Reminder, and Vision, will be ready for use on the global versions of the Galaxy S8, when it goes on sale later this month.

The company confirmed in a statement to that Bixby Voice, the part of the assistant that will let you control the Galaxy S8 by barking at it, won't be available until later this spring.

Samsung is making it clear Bixby isn't just a Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri competitor, but "a conceptually new philosophy to the problem [of virtual interaction]", according to a blog post written by the company last month. Also, Samsung had even warned that the voice assistant Bixby might not come pre-installed on the Galaxy S8 devices, and possibly arriving later as a software update. The company said preorders for the Galaxy S8 Plus have already matched its inventory, hinting at a delay in the shipment of the high-end devices to early adopters.

After the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, with phones deciding for themselves that they no longer wanted to share this planet with a species that seems destined to destroy itself, many questioned whether Samsung could recover.

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Samsung Rushing To Release Galaxy S8?

Apparently, the performance of the English version of Bixby lagged behind that of the Korean version.

The announcement from Samsung shows that there is a large demand for Samsung's flagship model in what is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. One of the biggest differentiating factors between Samsung's assistant and Siri or Google Assistant is Bixby's ability to perform more manual tasks on your behalf, like lightly editing a photo or composing and sending an email.

While the digital PA will still offer basic Vision, Home and Reminder functionality, you won't actually be able to talk to the assistant for some time.