Tom Herman uses urine color (seriously) to measure players' dedication level

New coach Tom Herman was extremely successful at Houston, so we're not about to question him if this is part of his formula for success, which it sounds like it is.

After Tuesday's spring practice, a reporter asked Herman about a hydration chart he came across during his visit to the restroom at the university's athletic center. Everything below that and you're either a selfish teammate or simply a bad human being.

Twitter users got a fresh new look at the Longhorns' set-up, which features a 43-inch television monitor displaying personalized videos at the top of each locker where the players' nameplates used to be.

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When players hydrate you hydrate the way Herman wants you to be, you'll have a light color stream and are considered to be at "championship hydration levels".

Coaches go to great lengths to make sure their players are prepared for game day. "Calls out players who are dehydrated in front of the team", Richardson tweeted.

However, the fans, players, and (most importantly?) boosters, are believing in Herman's track record and charismatic coaching style.