NDP will freeze hydro rates, says John Horgan

If elected, the BC NDP will freeze BC Hydro rates in an effort to make life in the province more affordable.

On the weekend, the government announced it would cap the tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges at $500 annually for regular commuters. The Opposition would replace our tax cuts with tax hikes.

Earlier this year in an interview with the Straight, B.C. NDP green economy critic George Heyman said that his party might consider feed-in tariffs in areas where communities could come together to do this in optimal locations.

Horgan is even, and Clark stands at -39, with 44% saying their opinion of her has worsened.

The Liberals sent a second complaint letter Monday, alleging the B.C. NDP was in breach of the Act by attempting to use a voter support list collected by the federal NDP in the 2015 federal election.

Clark says their plan for those issues was in the most recent budget.

Clark also talked about steps the government has taken to address the housing crisis in Vancouver, including providing loans to first time buyers.

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Taking questions at Government House, Clark said her party's platform is the only one that is costed and won't require tax increases.

"Let's make sure that choices are there for the people to make so they can reduce their impact on the environment, and we can have a better functioning transit and transportation system". Clark said the Liberals have raised disability rates and focused on helping people move from welfare to work.

Energy lawyer David Austin said a temporary freeze would continue financial problems at Hydro, because Hydro didn't save enough money during its good years to pay for the billions needed for aging dams and infrastructure.

"Change starts today", he said from Vancouver, countering Clark's rosy economic outlook.

The Liberal platform also promised to cut the small business tax to two per cent, phase out provincial sales tax on electricity for all businesses and commit to four more balanced budgets.

Nearly two thirds of British Columbians (64%) believe it is time for a change of government in the province, including 33% of those who voted for the BC Liberals in 2013.

John Horgan says as premier he would introduce an annual $400 renter's rebate if the NDP wins the election on May 9.