More 'Star Wars' sequels in the offing

Lucasfilm's new Force for Change campaign video through Omaze features Star Wars legend Warwick Davis (Return of the Jedi, Willow) taking fans on a guided tour of the Han Solo set... well, sort of. And that should hopefully push them to start confirming more projects that don't necessarily focus on the Skywalker saga or the plight of the Jedi.

I thought the video was going to just be Davis and his shenanigans, but there's also an appearance from directors Lord and Miller on the set, and we also get to see one of the aliens in the film.

Speaking to MTV, she didn't commit to a timetable, but said, "My hope would be sometime around the summer".

Presumably, they wouldn't pick things up over 30 years later again, at least not in terms of filming a sequel to the sequel trilogy. However, Kennedy didn't rule out episodes X-XII. We're asking those questions right now.

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Expecting anything but another trilogy would be ludicrous: it's the model they've established for 40 years, and one that has brought in billions of dollars. The internet panicked wildly that Han Solo's real name suddenly wasn't Han Solo.

"I'm not sure that that's entirely what Bob [Iger, Disney CEO] meant".

As mentioned, starting today, fans can visit to donate as little as $10 for chance to win the chance to visit of set of the upcoming Han Solo movie and have the chance to appear in the film!

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