'Pretty Little Liars': Everything you need to know for tonight's premiere

It's time to start saying goodbye, Pretty Little Liars fans.

Aria will have a insane final few episodes of Pretty Little Liars. If the last 10 episodes air with no breaks in-between, the finale will air on Tuesday, June 20, however that could change, depending upon scheduling.

Fans have been debating whether Hanna and Caleb will end up together.

"I think it's going to be Aria", Ray told Us Weekly of who she thinks will finally be revealed as the mysterious PLL character.

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But while fans will have to wait and see if the PLL theory turns out to be correct, Hale has admitted in the past that she's read fan theories that are actually right on the money when it comes to how Pretty Little Liars will actually end and have correctly predicted Uber A's identity. Meanwhile, Aria talks to Holden and confides about her relationship with Ezra.

Naturally, at this point it's unclear which liar's life will be in danger, although truthfully it could be any or all of them. So she will have to cope with that news during the final 10 episodes. The midseason finale ended with Spencer's life hanging in the balance, but it's clear from the promos she ends up recovering - at least physically. We are nearly certain that there's a head inside that gift wrapped box (that Aria wants less than nothing to do with) and did we mention that Alison is pregnant with her dead ex's baby? It is so hard to choose who had the best style evolution because we love each and every girl in their own unique way and they're all so different!

So, if you want to catch up on the episodes you might have missed, then now's the time to get the Pretty Little Liars recap you need!