EPA chief: Agency to reconsider methane emissions rule

Bob Kaplan, the acting director of the Region 5 office, sent a memo to employees criticizing stories about the office closing as "pure speculation", according to a memo given to the Chicago Sun-Times and other media outlets.

The latest Obama-era regulation to hit the Trump chopping block is a provision to limit methane emissions at natural gas drilling sites. "Anyone stating anything to the contrary is spreading false information", he said. It's a particularly alarming situation because a housing complex, home to more than 1,000 people, including 600 children, was built on top of the former lead smelter. "At a time when US Steel is carelessly spilling unsafe chemicals into Lake Michigan, we can not turn our back on the Great Lakes and allow the Trump administration to muffle the EPA", Emanuel said. Some 330 were living there when the mayor called last summer for residents to be relocated.

The move is a further indication of President Trump's efforts to roll back environmental protections put in place by his predecessor.

Upton tells us, for all the problems that the EPA has, it's also done a lot of good to protect the Great Lakes.

Chanting crowds weaved through streets of East Chicago; some held signs that read "East Chicago Demands Clean Water". "Whether you believe in modern science and thus believe in climate change or not, the fact is the EPA exists to protect human health and the environment". Union leaders called for a Wednesday meeting with Pruitt, who as Oklahoma's attorney general sued the EPA more than a dozen times to challenge regulations opposed by the fossil fuels industry. Housing officials said their goal is to move out all families by May.

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Later, during a rally outside Carrie Gosch Elementary School, Lopez said she sought testing at the Mayo Clinic that showed she has lead, arsenic and another toxic metal in her bones.

The White House budget proposal submitted to Congress last month includes a 31 percent cut in spending for the EPA, including a similar reduction of the agency's Hazardous Substance Superfund Account by $330 million to $762 million.

(AP Photo/Teresa Crawford) Residents of East Chicago, Ind., and supporters rally near a public-housing complex Wednesday, April 19, 2017, ahead of a visit by Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Pruitt reportedly is expected to attend a Chicago Cubs baseball game rather than meet with employees from the office, which could be consolidated with the agency's Region 7 office in Kansas. "And we air we breathe is contaminated", said Thomas Frank, a resident of the community of roughly 30,000 who lives near the Superfund site. Flint families still can not drink tap water without a filter, and as more communities deal with the effects of aging infrastructure on the health of their water systems, we should be strengthening - not cutting - these vital federal tools.

"And by whole, we don't merely mean making the land whole, we don't merely mean making the buildings whole", Brooks says.