Nintendo tipped to launch SNES Classic Mini in time for Christmas

Eurogamer, citing multiple sources, claims production of the mini Super Nintendo, which we'll call the SNES Classic, is the reason production of the NES Classic has stopped despite global stock shortages and huge demand.

Now, speaking to Eurogamer, a Nintendo spokesperson announced that it will also be discontinuing production in both Europe and Japan, bringing an end to the short-lived NES reimagination across the board.

The company stated last Thursday that the NES Classic was sold as a cool novelty item for holidays and not a permanent product.

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Following up on the NES Classic with a similar microconsole based on the SNES allows Nintendo to take advantage of nostalgia for that era of gaming. Eurogamer says that its sources indicate development is well on its way. As with the NES Classic, the mini SNES will come rocking a replica controller and preinstalled games.

If Nintendo doesn't screw this up, they could look like they know what their fans want with this possible micro console. And just like it demonstrated during its launch, the NES Classic Edition only lasted for a brief period of time. That will culminate in the launch of the first Mario game for the Switch - "Super Mario Odyssey" - during the holiday shopping season.

For a novelty and collectible status item, the NES Mini did incredibly well, and Nintendo itself confirmed as much that it never was meant to be a permanent product. In this way, Nintendo would continue to offer a retro miniature product and advance a generation to enjoy even more games comfortably. This tiny device offering 30 classic games updated to support the HD TVs we all now own proved to be extremely popular. If SNES Classic Edition does turn out to be real, then it will settle once and for all the debate about Nintendo's notorious supply issues.