Maxine Waters Calls Out Fox News As A 'Sexual Harassment Enterprise'

Of course, Roger Ailes resigned as Chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel a year ago after allegations of sexual harassment.

During a segment on Fox & Friends, O'Reilly and several other Fox News pundits viewed video footage of Waters speaking on the House floor, where the congresswoman proceeded to question the patriotism of Donald Trump's supporters.

"So Fox is basically the closest thing we have to state TV".

Following Waters' comments, O'Reilly responded by mocking her, saying afterward he did not hear a word of what Waters said because he was distracted by "the James Brown wig".

In the wake of a report that five women received sexual harassment settlements against Bill O'Reilly, President Donald Trump said he thinks the Fox New host made a mistake in settling. The Times reported that settlements to two of O'Reilly's accusers took place after Ailes' ouster-and the company still extended the host's contract.

Watch the segment below.

And the regular on O'Reilly's show whose career mysteriously stalled after she allegedly rebuffed his sexual advances. "Where is she?" Mr. Jones, a former adviser to then-President Barack Obama, said Wednesday on his CNN town hall series "The Messy Truth".

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Some female Fox News employees have expressed "anguish, distress and concern" over the way the Bill O'Reilly sexual harassment scandal has been handled by the company, according to according to a report from NPR's media correspondent David Folkenflik.

The Jenny Craig defection shows how dire the situation has become for Fox News. More than 20 advertisers pulled its ads on the show and network as a result. "I don't think Bill did anything wrong".

21st Century Fox told the Times that O'Reilly "denies the merits of these claims", and Fox News executive vice president of advertising sales Paul Rittenberg said on Tuesday that the network is working with advertisers.

Gretchen Carlson said Thursday that thousands of women have shared their stories with her since her lawsuit became public last summer.

As of Wednesday, 35 advertisers have distanced themselves from "The O'Reilly Factor", most asking Fox News to move their commercials into other programs on the channel, which has the highest ratings in cable.

Fox News appears to have a problem with sexual harassment.