Kris Jenner slams Caitlyn Jenner's memoir as 'made up'

"But yet, he stayed married to you the longest", Kim replies. "So it doesn't make sense". 'Everything she says is all made up. "Why does everything have to be that 'Kris is such a b*tch and asshole?'" But looks like Caitlyn's ex-wife and reality TV star Kris Jenner isn't quite impressed with the book.

Speaking in a preview clip for her "20/20" interview on American television network ABC which airs on Friday (21.04.17), Caitlyn said: "When it comes to all equality issues, for the entire LGBT community, what we need is federal guidance".

Caitlyn supposedly states in her forthcoming autobiography that Kris knew all along about her "gender issues". And then, all through the book, Kris knew.

While Kris appeared to be shocked by the transition, the former Olympian says that on a number of occasions, she dressed as a woman in front of Kris, 61.

Caitlyn Jenner is releasing a memoir titled The Secrets of My Life that's covering her life as Bruce Jenner to her transitioning into Caitlyn and everything in between. Moreover, the same source also expressed that Caitlyn's nude photo shoot would turn out to be the Kardashian's "worst nightmare".

Since nobody wants their ex-partner blowing up their lack of sexual prowess in a memoir, Kris is fighting back the only way she can - through passive aggressive confessionals on her hit E! television show. "I've done nothing but open up my heart and home to a person that doesn't give a [expletive]".

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And while Caitlyn has "never" felt like enjoying a night of a passion with a male in the past, she is considering changing her ways.

During the one-hour interview Jenner and Sawyer cover transgender rights, same sex marriage and her support for President Donald Trump.

She also clarified her stance on gay marriage, saying, "Get it straight: I am all for [gay marriage]".

In a subsequent interview with People, the I Am Cait star further emphasized where her loyalties lie. "It just makes you feel better about yourself".

She writes: "I believed, as anyone would, that that was exactly what she wanted to talk about - my progression in terms of changing attitude over the years". Interestingly Kris tries to bring up Cait's gender reassignment surgery but is shot down.