Newly released Egyptian-American charity worker visits Trump

The meeting is described in the memo as a chance for "private sector and thought leaders to describe their institution and its connection to federal funding".

Nunes came under fierce criticism from Democrats for making public information provided him to him last month by White House aides about classified intelligence reports that apparently referred to Trump associates, and that Nunes did not provide to members of his committee.

Not mentioned: Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney, the main advocate of the NIH cuts.

Critics had accused the Obama administration of indifference to her case.

The US defense secretary emphasized Egypt's pivotal role in the Middle East and in settling disputes in the region, as well as the country's counter-terrorism efforts. Meanwhile, Trump also sent his military aide, Air Force Maj.

One U.S. official told VOA he hopes Libya will be a topic Mattis discusses in Cairo Thursday, adding that the "most important thing in Libya is that Libyans do not allow ISIS to regain a foothold there".

By the way, the aforementioned Barack Obama was president for 30 of the 33 months this USA citizen sat in an Egyptian prison on absurd charges.

Chaperoned by top American officials, Ms Hijazi and Mr Hassanein were reportedly flown back on a military aircraft to Joint Base Andrews, near Washington DC, at 22:00 on Thursday.

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Both had been in prison since May 1, 2014 on charges of child abuse and trafficking, which USA officials dismissed as false, the Post adds.

According to White House officials who spoke with The New York Times, Trump took an interest in Hijazi's case after being briefed about it ahead of Egyptian President Abdel el Sisi's visit. The State Department has said they are living up to the terms of the deal.

USA officials had raised Hijazi's case with the Egyptians soon after Trump took office on January 20, the official said.

Thursday's meetings focused primarily on Egypt's efforts to counter terrorism, primarily the Islamic State, which has infiltrated the country through its porous western border with Libya and has maintained a long-term insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula, said USA officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

"... I left Cairo very confident, very confident in the avenues we have to advance our military-to-military relationship, which has been a bedrock and has stood solid all these years". He has labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group and imprisoned thousands of university students.

Al-Sisi had been barred from the White House by the Obama administration. After the coup, Obama withheld aid from Egypt - for decades, the second- largest recipient of US military assistance, after Israel, at more than $1 billion a year.

Nevertheless, the Trump administration reset the US-Egypt friendship.