Trump declares Georgia Democrats are 'failing'

The past month has been fun for me.

Perez's acknowledgement of a damaged grassroots network came as Cuomo asked if Democrats could replicate their strategy in Georgia's sixth congressional district elsewhere.

The victor in Georgia will succeed Republican Tom Price, who resigned the seat to join Trump's administration as health secretary.

The election was held under an unusual format known as a "jungle primary", in which all candidates appear on the same ballot. If Ossoff had won at least 50%, he would have secured the seat outright.

More tests await in the weeks to come, with special elections approaching in Montana and SC in May and June. He cast his performance - he tallied about 48 percent of the vote - as a "victory for the ages", although he fell short of his goal of avoiding a runoff.

Ossoff won the race with 48.1 percent, much higher than the second place victor he will face in the runoff election, former state Secretary of State Karen Handel, who won about 20 percent of the vote.

How did we get here?

But here's the bad news: the results show that Democrats can make these types of districts competitive.

. He still engenders an intense loyalty among his core supporters but alienates many independents and even Republicans, leaving him unable to command a majority of the electorate. And Clinton carried Cobb County - a key population base of the district.

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In the past, the district has leaned strongly Republican.

A 30-year-old former congressional aide, Ossoff aimed for an outright victory in Tuesday's special election, hoping to exploit a crowded field and bitter infighting between the 11 Republicans in the race.

If you thought it was odd that a special election in the Atlanta suburbs got so much national attention, you haven't seen anything yet. For one, Price's vote margin from last November is a bit deceiving. Ossoff met with representatives of AIPAC before the special election and provided them with a policy paper on Israel. Scholars debate how much incumbency is worth, but most estimates put it at between four and eight percentage points. Georgia Congressman Tom Price is now secretary of health and human services while Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo is the new director of the C.I.A. Trump's approval is low, hovering around 40 percent nationally. "We are going to be united from this point going forward". And these numbers are pretty close. Ossoff was a runaway first-place finisher with 48.6 percent of the vote, but only because he locked up almost all of the Democratic support in the district.

But Republicans in the area would have to unite to get voters back out in June after a fractious primary, with many of them attacking Handel as an out-of-touch politician.

So what's next for the Georgia election?

To Democrats, that all adds up to opportunity, especially on the relatively balanced terrain around Philadelphia. The Georgia 6th is part of their effort to win a majority in the House in 2018. They now hold 193, and 218 is a majority.

That distinguished her from other Republican contenders she left to squabble over who is more loyal to Trump. Trump narrowly lost in both Costello and Meehan's districts, falling short in territory Mitt Romney narrowly won in 2012. The question, then, is if Democrats can utilize that advantage, not just to flip the House, but to rebuild the party itself, and make it a regular presence in those places where it's been absent. Ossoff earned $8.3 million in the first quarter of 2017, but Republicans quickly responded with several million dollars in ad buys against the Democrat. Democrats probably won't see such favorable conditions in districts as moderate as this one. Republicans are expected to win that race. That may well be the case in November of next year. Read the original article.

Image via Jon Ossoff on Twitter.