FBI Director's Actions Surrounding Election Face Independent Review

Perhaps most notably, Comey on October 28 - after previously announcing publicly that he was recommending no charges in the case - sent a letter to congressional leaders telling them that agents had resumed the Clinton probe after finding potentially relevant information in an unrelated case.

The inspector general said his investigation had come in response to "numerous" requests from the public and from members of Congress.

Comey's subsequent letters to Congress announcing that additional material would be investigated and a follow-up announcing that nothing incriminating was found in the new materials will be reviewed as well.

Storch said that the review would not question the FBI and DOJ's investigative decisions, but could expand if other issues arise as a result of the investigation.

The investigation will probe what impact, if any, public disclosures about Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonWall Street Journal: Comey should resign Trump opens can of worms with blast at drugmakers Trump: Clinton "guilty as hell" MORE's private email server had on voters before Election Day.

Additionally, the probe will investigate allegations that DOJ and Federal Bureau of Investigation employees improperly disclosed information not meant for the public, and also will probe decisions regarding the timing of the FBI's release of certain Freedom of Information Act documents at the end of October.

The Justice Department and the FBI have a longstanding policy against discussing criminal investigations.

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Clinton's former campaign spokesman Brian Fallon told the Post: "This is highly encouraging and to be expected given Director Comey's drastic deviation from Justice Department protocol".

Two days before the election, Comey said the new e-mails produced no incriminating evidence against Clinton.

Transparency has never been a word associated with Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

Mrs Clinton said she had set up a home email server for reasons of convenience, but admitted it was a mistake.

Clinton and aides on her Democratic presidential campaign have blamed Comey's pre-election revelation as a key factor in her narrow loss to Republican nominee Donald Trump, Politico reported.

The White House said it didn't press for the inquiry.

It was later revealed that several Justice Department officials advised Comey against announcing the Clinton inquiry so close to the election.