Doctor Who Season 10 trailer drops

The image features Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, with Pearl Mackie as his new companion Bill Potts, and Matt Lucas as Nardole. They include new enemies like EMOJI robots and giant sea creatures, and old enemies like Cybermen and Daleks.

Several previous Doctors have come out in support of the idea that the next Doctor is a woman or person of colour - after over 50 years of the role being played by white males.

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It's been so long since we've seen a new non-Christmas special episode of Doctor Who that some may say we've traveled a great distance through time and space since the last time we joined Peter Capaldi's Doctor in the TARDIS. "This is Doctor Who Season 10", teased a message accompanying the 1-minute video on YouTube. Steven Moffat's last season was also confirmed for this year, placing Chris Chibnall as the new head writer and executive producer, to begin after Season 10. The former "Doctor Who" star was even asked whether he could be back as the Time Lord in the next season, but Tennant clarified that he would not reprise his role in the British sci-fi show.

"Oh, there was me - a little flash of me - so you know there's something good happening", Gomez quips, before concluding with her own spin on the new series' tagline. Get ready to have the time of your life with the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole Saturday, April 15th at 9/8c on BBC America followed by the premiere of the new spin-off, Class.