Netflix Changes Rating System

After years and more than 10 billion ratings under its one- to five-star system, Netflix is ditching that model in favor of one where you just give a movie a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. For instance, Netflix subscribers would give documentaries 5-star ratings and stupid Adam Sandler movies 3-star ratings, but the data showed that the users would seek out those comedies time and time again.

Todd Yellin, Netflix's vice president of product, said the five-star rating system had begun to feel very antiquated and Netflix wanted to move forward. It'll show you a percentage that signals how likely you are to enjoy a suggested show or movie based on your taste.

Netflix figures it can get a better response from users via a simple thumbs up or thumbs down choice.

Netflix also announced that some of this data will be used for a new percent-match feature - created to indicate how good of a match a show or movie is for you. The new system will roll out in the coming weeks, Variety reported.

Founder and CEO Reed Hastings meanwhile said that as a company Netflix was happy experimenting and willing to learn from these experiments. It rolled out the interface change to hundreds of thousands of new Netflix users around the world, while other members saw the old interface with stars. The service has become so iconic, that we even have a new reason for couple fights: Netflix cheating!

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Ben argued earlier that it could be seen by some as a dumbing down of the system, and, at least for users actively engaging with the current star ratings, less informative in general.

The change to the ratings system will happen in April, Yellin said.

But, wait, there's more: Netflix is planning a system that sets us up with content that best matches our profiles.

The company is also introducing a new percent-match feature which shows whether a film or TV show is a good match for each Netflix user.