Khloé Kardashian Eats a Fish Eyeball to Avoid Answering OJ Simpson Question

Kardashian didn't even know her stepbrother, Brody Jenner, had a reality show, so of course it was the worst E! series.

And if it's one thing Khloe's good at, it's telling it like it is and basically not giving AF who knows it.

What did she choose?

Similar to Jenner though, the Strong Looks Better Naked author had no problem throwing some slight shade Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's way!

Next on the menu for the Kardashian sister was a singular raw fish eye. We're talking fish semen, fish eye kind of gross. His reaction makes Khloe nervous, and after a lengthy giggle fit James finally asks the question: "Do you think OJ did it?" Post continues after video.

"Oh my God, it f-king jiggles", Khloe says in disgust while trying to pick the fish eye up.

He said, 'I just think it's so unfair to answer this.

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Corden then joked that the talent booker for his popular programme would be disappointed in the revelation. "I don't even eat red meat, let alone an eye".

"Don't do that. Don't do that because I can't eat this", she said.

Khloe sarcastically thanked James for the yummy treat saying, "Fine dining".

It's not surprising that Khloe avoided the question at all costs.

Speaking of juice, Kardashian seems to have inherited her late father Robert's protective instincts toward O.J. Simpson. That trial has recently been in the news again thanks to U.S. TV show The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, with many speculating that O.J. did commit the crimes, but escaped being found guilty for them.

Despite being found innocent, the disgraced American football running back was ordered to pay $USD25 million ($AUD33 million) in a 1997 civil case for their wrongful deaths.