Cheerios giving away 100 million wildflower seeds

In order to create a more bee-friendly environment, Cheerios is encouraging customers to plant over 100 million wildflowers this year with its #BringBackTheBees initiative. They claim by 2020, their oat farms will host an estimated 3,300 acres of nectar-and pollen-rich wildflowers for bees!

Cheerios' website noted that bee populations, which are a crucial pollinator for the world's food supply, have been declining in recent years. Pollination of most food crops actually occurs by wind and self-pollination, but bees do account for a 10 to 40 percent crop yields for some types of food crops, like strawberries, sunflowers, and chestnuts.

The movement is not the only thing Cheerios and General Mills are doing to promote the bee population. The hope is that each pollinator habitat will double the number of bees in that area. This move is to help the species receive nutrients and remain strong so they can continue to pollinate.

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But bee colonies are collapsing around the world as parasites, pesticides and habitat loss take a deadly toll.

As widely reported, though, bee colonies are in trouble.

The rusty patched bumblebee is in worrisome decline and it is a race to keep it from becoming extinct, the agency said. Although at first glance it might appear as a misprinted package, General Mills, the parent company of Cheerios, is aiming to raise awareness of the endangered pollinators with their #BringBackTheBees campaign. You may have noticed that Buzz the Cheerios mascot has been missing.