Netflix testing 'skip intro' feature that cuts off opening credits

The roll out has been deemed a testing phase, suggesting Netflix wants to monitor how well it is received by users before launching it as a full-on feature.

The option will appear on the right, above display showing how long an episode is, once the opening credits start play. The feature appears to be rolling out quietly, as Netflix hasn't officially acknowledged such a feature exists.

Of course there are some people who prefer their intros. A number of users on Twitter have noticed that when you hover over the title sequence you can skip the intro entirely. The popular streaming site introduced the "Skip Intro" to allow the viewers to skip the opening credits theme song of the series when they are binge watching it.

Netflix is constantly trying to improve user experience on the streaming platform, always experimenting with different features. It is, however, still unclear whether the said button is available for all shows on the platform.

So far, the button has only been spotted on a handful of Netflix shows, including Netflix originals like House of Cards but also third-party shows including Mad Men.

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Netflix said to PCMag via a written statement, "Given that star ratings have traditionally been used to indicate quality in entertainment, members were sometimes confused about how to think about rating a title".

Personally, I like the title sequences of most shows, as they set the mood.

Netflix will also soon be starting an algorithm-based percentage matching system that will show you the TV shows and movies that you'd be more inclined to watch. However, it could be argued that when you're binge watching a few episodes at a time, it can get a little tedious having to sit through the credits again for another episode.

Stop judging, Netflix! You can't have it both ways!

However, not all of shows available on Netflix let users skip through.