Ryan Looks to Thursday Health Care Vote With More Elder Pay Help

The Republican governors of Ohio, Nevada, Michigan and Arkansas on March 16 penned a letter to Congress stating their opposition to the American Health Care Act, the Republican plan to replace the ACA.

Trump won the support of several conservative House members on Friday when he agreed to make changes to the Medicaid portion of the bill, including giving states the option of instituting a work requirement on childless, able-bodied adults who receive the benefit. As a result, he said there will be some "fine-tuning improvements" to the law that will help assuage some members' "concerns". "And that's one of the things we're looking at for that person in their 50s and 60s because they experience higher health care costs", said Ryan.

While Ryan said he felt "very good" about the health bill's prospects in the House, a leading conservative lawmaker, Representative Mark Meadows, told the C-Span Newsmakers program that there were now 40 Republican "no" votes in the House.

"I feel very good about it, actually, I feel like it's exactly where we want to be", Ryan said, noting that President Donald Trump is a "great closer" who has helped to bring other Republicans on board.

"I can not vote for any bill that keeps premiums rising", Cruz said on Face the Nation yesterday.

"Because we have been united in the past for repeal, not so much on replace", he continued.

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The Republican plan largely preserves Obamacare, except that it eliminates safety nets for many people, either by reducing subsidies or cutting off the most vulnerable from critical services, such as women's reproductive health care at Planned Parenthood.

In the Senate, where Republicans hold a narrow 52-48 majority, prospects for the GOP bill also were uncertain as both moderates and conservatives criticized it. "Pass the American Health Care Act". He said Sunday that he didn't believe the bill would lower premiums for working people.

"I don't think they have the votes now", Paul told Cavuto later. The moderates could put forward a more robust government plan, an Obamacare-lite plan.

Separately, Ryan said he also expected the House to make changes to Trump's proposed budget, which calls for a boost in military spending and cuts in domestic programs. Among the many criticisms levied against the bill, some are concerned that it doesn't do enough to protect seniors and low-income Americans from rising health-care costs.

Information for this article was contributed by Hope Yen of The Associated Press; by Jim Puzzanghera of the Los Angeles Times; by Ben Brody, Anna Edney, Mark Niquette and Shannon Pettypiece of Bloomberg News; and by Mike DeBonis of The Washington Post.