Apple Pushes LG to Compete with Samsung's OLED Displays

Leaked sketches of the iPhone 8 have been passed around on the internet, and they show that the iPhone 8 is the exact size of the iPhone 7. LG Display also explained that Gumi E5, a 6th-generation OLED production facility with a capacity of 15,000 panels per month, will enter into full operation in the second half of this year, and will be able to supply as many OLEDs as Apple wants. As the information about the next iPhone is appearing online in reports, we have gathered some specs that Apple has in stores to offer on the next iPhone. Early reports of the smartphone suggested that the device will come equipped with an edge-to-edge front display. "If it is not able to fix the problems in that time frame, Apple may be forced to eliminate fingerprint sensing from the OLED iPhone altogether". Rumors from reliable resources have informed us that Apple is running into problems with the fingerprint scanner lately.

After all, with the curved display slowly becoming the norm for flagships (even the iPhone 8 is expected to have its own spin on it), such feature on the Google Pixel 2 would allow it to further compete with its biggest mobile rivals.

The latest leaked schematics of the iPhone 8 features some interesting design changes from the now-ubiquitous iPhone 6 template that Apple has been utilizing for the past three smartphone generations.

These leaks still continue to suggest Apple has the fingerprint scanner/home button embedded in the screen, which we hope is true.

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However, it was revealed last week that iOS users should expect to pay a hefty price tag for their next iPhone. However, the thickness of the impending iPhone 8 was not shared by the leaked images.

The sources also said the move would push production for the OLED iPhone back until September, which means the handset will not go on sale until October.

'This is yet to happen for iPhone 8'. It also mentions that the device will have a large power button with "two points contact".

But with all the technology that is causing the highly-anticipated smartphones delays, users should start preparing themselves to pay $1,000 for their iPhone 8 when it does finally launch.