Girls Finale "Latching" Recap: Girl, You'll Be a Woman, Soon

While the years have clouded the public opinion of Girls, critics loved the first season for its portrayal of "real female friendships, the angst of emerging adulthood, nuanced relationships, sexuality, self-esteem, body image, intimacy in a tech-savvy world that promotes distance, the bloodlust of surviving NY on very little money and the modern parenting of entitled children, among many other things-all laced together with humor and poignancy", wrote Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter. The concerns of characters like Elijah, Ray, or Loreen and Tad, Hannah's parents, were explored more closely as the seasons progressed in a way that reflects how one's world view widens slowly - very slowly if you're Hannah or Marnie - when a young adult transitions into an actual adult.

Something I hear a lot from other mothers with babies and toddlers is the desire for permission - whether that means permission to cry it out, to keep feeding the baby multiple times a night, to continue breastfeeding or to quit, to call or not call the pediatrician. If you were waiting for the payoff of Hannah becoming the famous writer she always thought she might be, you haven't been watching the same show I have.

Dunham: I was pretty focused on it, and everyone was like, "Okay". That episode took place nearly entirely in Joshua's brownstone, a two-hander between Dunham and Wilson, and it was such a different environment from the space-saving starter apartments of Hannah and her friends, it felt a world apart from the rest of the show.

It's fitting, then, that the Girls series finale is far from flawless: it's just as flawed, confounding, and contentious as the women who led the show. It felt like it was part of the grande lineage of a certain kind of writing, once again pointing to The Heidi Chronicles. While not unexpected from the woman we've come to know over six seasons, this reaction is Hannah at her most realistic and relatable, when you consider her as a new mom. She wants to raise Hannah's child because she wants to be the number one friend. The job, the boyfriend, whatever.

"You made a choice to have this child, and guess what?"

The series concluded with Hannah singing Fast Car to her baby.

I like that the show is bookended: the first scene of the series is her with her parents being immature and complaining about them cutting her off, and the last real scene is her telling the girl who she runs into that this is what a parent is supposed to do.

Why not? It's her body, right?

Responding to criticisms that said Hannah's decision to keep the baby and keep her new job "teaching the Internet" at a college in upstate NY was "old-fashioned" and "narratively unrealistic", Dunham says, "Every choice we've ever made on "Girls" has been politicized".

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Konner: There were so many iterations. "We're not trying to come down on the side of breastfeeding or not breastfeeding!" she said.

Lena Dunham invited co-star Allison Williams over to her house in Brooklyn to celebrate the end of their show Girls on Sunday night (16Apr17).

Dunham: No, we really didn't.

Konner: I think they're definitely still together now, but I don't know that they're in it for the long haul. "Is it not clear to everybody else that this is a really, really bad idea?" Marnie's need for other people's love has no object anymore.

Hannah was then shown struggling to breastfeed her baby. I think they're in it for long enough to really do some damage.

In that episode, the actual breakup, nearly all of it is done in silence. The less glamorized version of female friendship that Girls offered was refreshing in the post are-you-a-Miranda-or-a-Samantha age. That was a full Judd. (But just in case you do care to proceed, I will try to be somewhat vague.) Otherwise, onward: "Girls" ended as "Girls" began, but with the circle of life turning to reveal a fresh perspective, along with a new point of view that enriches the newfound perspective. I don't know for sure if she supports abortion up to 9 months of pregnancy-but let the record show, she probably does.

The best GIRLS episodes are usually the ones that take us out of the show's typical universe, like "The Panic in Central Park", "Tokyo", and "One Man's Trash".

Dunham: And I remember, Jenni, you'd never given me such quiet notes. "It's not matching up to what you imagined, like a Lauren Ashley catalogue or like a fun, zany sitcom starring Brittany Snow and the rest of Pitch Perfect, just carrying a cute little baby".